3 Great Reasons to Get Married at a Wedding Venue in Kent

A vintage wedding car that's decorated with flowers You are getting married to the girl of your dreams. It is a special day and you want everything about it to be as special — not only for the both of you, but for those you plan to share it with. What better place in England to tie the knot than a wedding venue in Kent? Here are some reasons why this county is so special:

1. Kent is the home of the Canterbury Cathedral

This is where the leader of the Church of England, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the symbolic leader of the Anglican Community resides. It was built in the year 597 and is considered as the oldest and most famous religious structures in England. Formally called the ‘Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Christ in Canterbury’, it houses a religion whose foundation is oddly in the middle of two fundamentally opposed beliefs structures — Catholic and Protestant Reformation.

2. Kent is known as The Garden of England

This prestigious title was bestowed to the county because of the proliferation of fruits and hops (a basic ingredient in the production of beer), gardens and orchards. With several gentle hills and fragrant scents from fruit-bearing trees, shrubs, and vines, the landscape of Kent provides a wonderful backdrop to delight the senses.

3. Kent has the most wonderfully warm weather

Your bride deserves to look her most beautiful during your special day. This means that, among other things, she should be able to wear a gown that enhances her attractiveness and charm. It would, therefore, be most unfortunate if she had to cover herself and her gown with a coat or jacket because the weather was too cold. Kent is where the chances of an event-spoiling cold are the least likely to happen in all of England. The weather there during the months of July and August is at its warmest.

These are only some of the reasons why Kent is the ideal place for your wedding. After all, a special day deserves a special place to celebrate it.