3 Most Ignored Security Holes in the Workplace

Warehouse stockroomYour office has several locks on the front door, all computers are password-protected and monitored by the IT department, and all your sensitive information are stored safely in a cloud server. Everything in the office is probably secure, right? Not so fast.

Say you’re running a business in Silicon Valley or LA, many common threats to office security are well-known and, thus, very easy to address. This means criminals also know how to go around most security features. Unfortunately, there are certain security holes in the office that are often left ignored, and therefore, vulnerable.

To help make your building more secure, here are some oft-ignored security vulnerabilities you need to address right away.

After Hours Access

Most business owners don’t know where every key to the office is. Maybe the guards have access, just as you do. But the property owner, janitorial, and custodian service could also have access to your office, which means a lot of people can enter after business hours.

Only a few trusted personnel should hold or have access to the keys. It’s also a good idea to invest in private security services in Los Angeles for your California office. That way, you can have everything monitored, from the keypad logs to the entry/exit points.

Employee Devices

With “bring your own device” setups becoming more and more common, regulating the use of employee devices is becoming more complicated. Business owners can’t really know who has access to these devices and machine when the employees leave for the day. While files on the computer can be protected using a password, client details, emails and other sensitive information may not be as safe when accessed on mobile devices.

Requiring employees to use a password on each device that access your network is a good place to start when improving office security.

Backdoor and Delivery Access

Just like in the movies, unsecured backdoor access to your building poses threat to security. Criminals could use the delivery area, emergency exits, or the parking lots to get into the building without being noticed.

Make sure these entry points are always secured or at least monitored by your security team. If your guards can’t handle patrolling the whole building, get additional security services for your office.

A few investments and improvements may seem like a bother, but they can do a lot in boosting safety and security not just for your office, but for your employees as well. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.