3 Most Popular Types of Warehouse Shelving

Your choice of shelving unit should depend on the types of goods that you deal with. Your budget will likewise affect your decision.

At times, choosing the best industrial parts shelving can be a challenging task because of the wide array of options available on the market. To come up with the best facility that will fit your business, understanding the following popular types of warehouse shelving unit is important:

Steel Shelving

Steel shelving appears to be the most popular shelving system for warehouses. This is primarily due to its efficiency and reliability in handling goods, especially the heavy and bulky ones. In addition, the ability of the metal to resist corrosion and rotting make this type of shelving long-lasting.

Rivet Shelving

Rivet shelving does not require the use nuts or bolts to set up. This makes it one of the easiest warehouse shelving system to assemble and use. When buying rivet shelving, it is important to consider the weight of goods that you store in your facility so that you can choose a unit that will support your products perfectly.

Bulk Rack Shelving

While this type of industrial shelving is termed as ‘bulk’, it is important to note that this unit is not bulky at all. This light shelving facility fits in small spaces in your warehouse. In addition, this shelving unit does not use bolts and nuts; therefore, it is easy to set up and dismantle. This shelving unit is the ideal option for hand stocked goods.

Finding the best shelving system for your business involves understanding the various options available for you. Considering and comparing the different types of shelving before you make a decision is important. Go find a reliable manufacturer or supplier of shelving solutions today.