3 Reasons to Visit Baguio This 2018

In 2016, over 820,000 tourists visited Baguio. To date, it has remained the most visited city in the Philippines’ Cordillera Administrative Region. Due to the country’s tropical climate, many Filipinos love to visit cities with colder temperatures like Baguio City and Tagaytay City.

If you’ve been to Baguio several times in the past, but haven’t visited in the past five years or so, here are some of the reasons you should see this amazing city again in 2018.

It’s changing.

Many people like to escape to Baguio because they want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city living. They imagine cold temperatures with tall pine trees left and right. Now, the city’s modernization has stripped away some of the most-loved memories people have about this city in the North. Traffic jams, large malls, noisy and busy streets —​ you name it. If you want to experience what’s left of the Baguio memories you have, plan your visit as soon as possible.

It’s more affordable now.

As more people visit every year, there are now more affordable boutique hotels in Baguio like Casa Vallejo Hotel that cater to the general public. With the increase of visitors, there are also now more interesting places to eat and dishes to try that are made more affordable because of competition. More unique restaurants are opening left and right that are Instagram-worthy. Do check out Chaya along Legarda Road, Arca’s Yard along Ambuklao Road, and O’ Mai Khan along Upper Session Road.

It has more to offer.

Mines View Park, The Mansion, Wright Park, and the Botanical Garden are only some of the most-loved and well-known tourist spots in Baguio that have been around for generations. As more people visit, there are now most tourist destinations to explore. Some include Mount Costa, BenCab Museum, Oh My Gulay, and Dinosaur Island.

If you’ve seen Baguio as a child, then do plan another visit and see the City with new eyes. While some think that modernization and the increase in tourism have been good to the city, some think otherwise. Do visit Baguio and see for yourself why people think it’s still one of the best destinations in the north all year round.