3 Ways of Offering World-Class Service to a VIP Client

Certain types of people, ranging from celebrities to heads of state, are usually given VIP or special treatment. It is not an easy task to deliver given the demands of some personalities. So if you are in the position of serving VIPs, here are some rules to remember:

1. Quality amenities

It is not enough to book a hotel to serve the VIP; the “right” hotel must be chosen. This means everything in it, from the room size to the amenities, has to meet the VIP’s demands. When picking up the VIP from the airport, for instance, you may want to get a limo for hire instead for a smoother and more exclusive ride. The key takeaway here is quality, which should be served from the moment you meet the VIP.

2. Plan well

It takes weeks or even months to make sure that everything goes well when serving a VIP. You may have to book restaurants and hotels in advance to accommodate the VIP and his or her entourage. Certain appointments may also have to be made for a successful reception. Even parking and seating arrangements have to be finalized. With the right planning, you’ll be more stressed-free knowing that everything is right on schedule and working out fine for the VIP.

3. Top customer service

This is similar to serving guests in a hotel: you want the VIP to come out happy and satisfied. This means applying the proper decorum when talking to or addressing the requests of the VIP. You also have to remain professional in front of everybody, especially during stressful moments.

Stay focused and do not make promises you cannot fulfil. Set it right at the beginning–what you can and cannot commit for expectations to be set. And remember to stay respectful no matter what gets in the way for an overall wonderful experience for you and the VIP.