4 Male Celebrities Linked to Nose Jobs Rumours

Nose DoctorNose jobs are among the many cosmetic procedures available, but they’re arguably the most popular. Actually, even celebrities can’t resist getting work done on their noses, though some tend to be secretive about it.

Patrick Dempsey

The Grey’s Anatomy star is popular for his fabulous hair. However, several before-and-after photos got people speculating about the star having a nose job.

The celebrity’s nose seems slimmer. Reports claim that Dempsey underwent the procedure during his teen years to patch up a deviated septum from an incident with a hockey puck.

Ryan Seacrest

Several before-and-after photos of the American Idol host emerged, showing quite a difference in his face. Some say he chose procedures that contoured his brow area, giving it that distinct walnut shape. The rumoured nose and eyebrow job gave him a friendlier appeal, which is important for anyone hosting television shows.

Experts even weigh in, saying he might have had dermal and nose fillers. Singapore clinics offer these non-invasive options along with Botox, another popular procedure for celebrities. Nevertheless, the reports about the facial job are pure speculation.

Frank Marino

Frank Marino is popular in the drag scene as a Dolly Parton impersonator. He is vocal about his facial jobs. He commented about having experts work on his nose thrice and undergoing other facial reconstruction procedures. Going under the knife is common among drag queens, as their facial structures need to look like those of the celebrities they impersonate.

Zac Efron

The High School Musical alumnus transformed from being a cute Disney star to being a hot celebrity. Before-and-after photos seem to show differences in his nose.

There are also reports claiming that the celebrity underwent procedures on the nose and chin. Like Seacrest, Efron didn’t confirm reports.

Getting rhinoplasty is not the only option for those who wish to improve their looks. If you want improvements on your nose—or any part of the face—feel free to explore other procedures.

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