4 Plumbing Issues with Affordable, DIY Remedies

Plumbing Company in DenverPlumbing problems cause untold stress to property owners, yet many of them are easy to prevent and repair. The challenge is that majority of homeowners are not aware of these facts and rush into calling a Denver plumbing company whenever a simple issue arises.

Plumbing repairs can cost a lot annually if affordable solutions are not applied. Here are common plumbing problems and cheap ways of dealing with them.

Noisy Pipes

No one wants to live with pipes that creak throughout the night. While it is advisable to determine the cause of the annoying noise, there are simple remedies in the short term. For example, you can wrap the pipe in question in an adhesive-backed felt tape. This material is sound absorbent so it will silence the pipes to make your nights peaceful.

Clogged Drain

Are tree roots turning your drain into a constant nightmare? You do not need to a plumber to dig out your entire yard. Technology has brought a cost-effective drain repair method: drain relining. You will hear many experts call this solution “pipe within a pipe” because it creates a strong resin layer within the existing pipe, with minimal disruption. Again, plumbing contractors offer this service at a small fee.

Dripping Sink Faucet

For most homeowners, replacement is the obvious solution for a dripping sink faucet. It is okay to follow this route if you are using a decades-old sink, but for a newer one, consider a repair first. Whether you buy the repair parts individually or as a kit, it should cost you a lot.

Failed Water Pipe

Water pipe hoses, especially the flexible ones, can disappoint. With their popularity, you would not believe they are only a few decades old in the market. The problem is that they have a short lifespan (5 years in most cases) and tend to burst under intense water pressure. If you cannot have them replaced after the expiry of their lifespan, at least add a pressure-limiting valve in the system. This solution is relatively cheap.

If you encounter any of these problems at home, consider repair as the first option. Replacements are expensive and should only come as the last resort. Unbeknownst to many people, these problems are easy to fix and inexpensive.