4 Reasons for Seeing Your Dentist Immediately

A woman clutching her lower jaw in pain Many people are reluctant to have themselves checked for possible health problems. As for dental health, there are those who would rather ignore it than visit their dentist. It is actually stranger to ignore dental health problems, as such issues come with discomfort and obvious signs.

If you experience these examples, it’s best to visit your dentists in Bloomington, MN or elsewhere. Ignoring them can put you at risk of worse health problems.

Dental emergency

This happens to those who engage in contact sports, such as soccer and basketball. An elbow or arm to the face may result in a knocked-out tooth or bleeding gums. If your tooth receives a strong impact and doesn’t fall out, do not keep moving it with your fingers.

Go to your dentist immediately. If your tooth is knocked out of your mouth, pick it up, rinse it with clean water and try to put it back in the socket, then go to your dentist. If you can’t put it back in, place it in a small cup of milk and take it to your dentist immediately.


A toothache may be caused by a variety of reasons, from food stuck between teeth to tooth decay. There is no point in trying to ignore the pain since it’s not likely to go away. Don’t wait for swelling to begin, either. See your dentist immediately.

Bleeding or swollen gums

You may have gum disease and ignoring it is not going to heal it. Gum disease can lead to different health complaints, from bad breath to heart problems in the long term. See your dentist to find out more about your treatment options.


Plaque commonly builds up over time, but the severity of the buildup may depend on a few factors, including dental hygiene, age, and teeth alignment. You cannot remove plaque with a toothbrush and toothpaste, or even floss. Only your dentist can remove it, so visit your dentist every six months for cleaning.

You can’t afford to ignore dental health unless you’re all right with losing your teeth as you get older or dealing with a nasty toothache. See your dentist and invest in your own oral health.