4 Strategies to Boost Donations on a Charity Website

Charity Ideas IllustrationA charity website exists to increase awareness of a particular cause and encourage visitors to donate. Some websites, however, completely miss their mark and don’t generate donations at all, despite how great their cause is. What could have gone wrong and how can it be fixed so a charity can maximize the utility of their site?

Explain Your Charity’s Purpose

The most important thing you should convey to your visitor is your charity’s purpose. You can’t convince people to support you if they don’t know what you’re doing, after all. On average, it takes a person about six minutes to learn what the charity’s cause is on its website. That is five minutes too long.

Potential donors want to know what kind of work your organization does and how you do it. So, when constructing your site, remember to present these two vital pieces of information in a straightforward and easy-to-understand language.

Be Transparent about How Donations are Used

Now that you’ve informed them of your cause and how you are going to achieve your ends, the next thing to lay out is the visitor’s role as a backer for your charity.

Additionally, provide information on your website on how their donations will be put to use, or where the previous donations will be going. Donors appreciate the transparency, and it can convince them to encourage other people to be part of the cause as well.

Have an Obvious Button/Link for Donation

When a user makes up his or her mind to donate, they want the process to be fast and easy. Include a donation link or button on every page of your website, so users don’t have to go all the way back to your homepage.

The call to action should be simple, straightforward, and noticeable. The word “Donate” or “Donate Now” usually does the trick. After all, your website should work for you, not against you. This is the philosophy of Ahsante Labs, a digital company that specializes in building websites for non-profit organizations.

Make the Donation Process Easy

A long and confusing donation process might discourage your donors from contributing altogether. Some processes only have two steps, namely a form and confirmation page. Others break their steps down further. Users don’t really mind how many steps are there, as long as the language used when requesting the information is easy to understand.

The main purpose of a charity website is to generate more donations to support its cause. Getting rid of the fluff in your content and using straightforward language to get your message across is a simple but highly effective strategy to encourage visitors to donate.