4 Ways to Start Eating Better for Improved Oral Health

A woman smiling while eating a salad Changing the way you eat can greatly improve various aspects of your life. For instance, eating better can improve your health, mood, appearance and even the way you sleep.

Of course, changing your eating habits is not always easy. Fortunately, there are a handful of ways to incorporate healthier eating habits into your life. Here are some of them:

Fruit Intake

Eating fruits is particularly important if you want to improve your health. Even if you are wearing braces in Liverpool, you can still consume fruits, especially soft ones. Keep in mind that if you have braces, there are certain foods you need to avoid while trying to eat better. But you can still enjoy kiwi, bananas, seafood, steamed vegetables and dairy.

Remember the HANDy Guide

Another way to eat better is to control your food intake. Recommended food portions can keep you on track with better eating habits. Of course, measuring your food every meal time can be tiresome and time-consuming. Daily Mail recommends using your hand as a guide. To use your hand, remember:

The front of your clenched fist is roughly a ½ cup (how much pasta you should eat)

  • Your palm is roughly the size of a 3-oz portion of meat
  • The bottom or top of your clenched fist is roughly one cup
  • Your thumb is approximately one tablespoon
  • Your index fingertip is roughly one teaspoon (how much butter you need for toast)

The HANDy guide can keep you from eating more than your recommended portion size.

Change How You Cook

Sometimes, the hardest part of eating better is changing what you eat. Fortunately, there is another way to get started. When you decide to eat healthier, change how you cook your food rather than what you eat. Roast your chicken instead of frying it. According to experts, fried foods are often cooked in partially hydrogenated oils that contain trans fats, which are often linked to heart attack and heart disease.

Snack With Care

Snacking is not out of the question when you decide to eat healthy. If you feel hungry, snacking should be an option. You tend to overeat when you feel hungry, which means combating hunger throughout the day is important. But remember to snack thoughtfully. That means you should go for healthy foods, such as unsalted popcorn, nuts and fruits rather than chocolates, chips and cookies.

Each of these tips gives you the chance to enjoy a better way of eating. Use them to improve your eating habits and ensure better oral and overall health.