5 Signs Your Company Needs to Overhaul its SEO Strategy

SEOIt’s no exaggeration to say that flawed SEO can easily ruin a business, or at least cause it to miss out on countless opportunities. Despite this, how often do you revisit your company’s strategy? If any of the following signs applies to your business, you will have to make some serious changes if you want to remain competitive.

  1. Not getting your money’s worth – Yes, SEO is a long term investment, and it can take a while before you are earning more than you put in. But if it has been several months or even years and you still aren’t getting increased sales or quality leads, then there’s definitely something wrong.

This is why regular monitoring of results is so important; you need to know where your money is going, and what you’re getting in return for it. Never partner with an SEO company that cannot tell you in concrete terms how they are helping your business.

  1. You live in fear of updates – Did Panda and Penguin kill your rankings? While these updates caught many businesses and webmasters completely by surprise, others actually enjoyed a boost to their SERP rankings. This is because they didn’t rely on cheap tricks or flavors of the month, but instead used strategies designed to benefit site visitors.

The best SEO strategies are sustainable and evergreen. Knowing this, SEO management companies like truelogic.com.ph focus on creating high quality content, strengthening the brand, and generating long-term, targeted traffic. They still need to adjust their practices after a major algorithm change, but no update will ever render them helpless.

  1. Competitors are steadily gaining – Are competing sites steadily climbing up the rankings, leaving you in the dust? This isn’t something you can afford to ignore, since every visitor that goes to their website instead of yours is potentially a lost sale. Just remember not to fall into the trap of copying what they do; what works for them won’t necessarily work for you.
  2. Failing to integrate SEO with other channels – Every business should have multiple online marketing channels, and each of these must have its own specific strategies. Nevertheless, by designing them to work efficiently together, you can increase output exponentially. Integrate SEO with your social media, public relations, email marketing, and other online efforts.
  3. You neglect user experience – There are too many businesses out there that focus entirely on pleasing the search engines, but end up creating a website that is completely unusable for the average human. This is self-defeating; why increase the number of visitors you get when the vast majority of them will race to hit the back button? Do everything with the customer in mind, and it’s hard to go wrong.

The way your business approaches SEO can end up making the difference between success or failure. Keeping up with the ever-increasing demands of the industry requires a bullet-proof strategy and a dedicated team.

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