6 Important Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer

hiring wedding photographer
Image courtesy of Don LaVange

Before hiring a professional wedding photographer, you need to know if their style and skills suit what you’ve envisioned for your wedding.

To help you determine which wedding photographer in Salt Lake City can give you your ideal wedding pictures, here are some important questions to ask them:

• What is your primary style?

Ask them whether their primary style is posed and formal, candid and relaxed, photojournalistic, traditional, creative, or artistic.

• Do you shoot in color or black and white, or both?

Ask them if they shoot photos in color or black and white, or both. Inquire about digital photography, and if they use it to create both color and between versions of the same picture.

• What kind of input can you give on the direction of the shots?

Ask them how they will direct you during the photo shoot, and if you can give them a shot list to work from.

• Are you the actual photographer who will take the pictures?

Ask them if they will be the actual photographer who will take your wedding photos. If not, ask them if you can meet the photographer who will.

• Do you work with an assistant or a second photographer?

Ask them if they work with an assistant or a second photographer, and whether they will be working with them during your wedding. An assistant is a “photographer in training,” and their purpose is to be with the photographer at all times to assist with lighting, organization, and workflow. A second photographer, on the other hand, is a trained photographer who can work independently to capture the intricate details of an event accurately.

• How many times have you worked as a wedding photographer specifically?

Ask them about the number of times they’ve worked as a photographer at a wedding, and which of these events were similar in size and formality to your wedding.

Keep these questions in mind when you’re interviewing professional wedding photographers. If you can, add to them to make sure the photographer won’t miss any important details.