A Guide to Assisted Living: What You Need to Know

Assisted LivingAssisted living is a type of long-term care service combining housing, health care, and support services. Designed for people requiring assistance with their daily tasks such as meal preparation, medication assistance and supervision, bathing and dressing, as well as transportation, many older adults can benefit from this care option.

With the correct choice in an assisted living facility in Provo, you or your loved one can enjoy a higher quality of life without the burdens usually associated with living in isolation.

Need- and preference-based

Depending on an individual’s age-related needs and preferences, assisted living services offer a variety of care and housing options. In most cases, these buildings are in the form of one-story mansions and multi-acre facilities.

The philosophy behind assisted living

At its core, assisted living provides personalized and tailored care to its residents, based on their unique needs and preferences. These facilities treat their residents with the highest level of dignity, allow for privacy, and foster freedom as well as independence. They also encourage the family members and friends of their residents to take part and get involved as much as possible.

The services offered

Compared to other independent living communities, assisted living facilities deliver a more personalized type of care. In many cases, they are also the more affordable option for those wanting to enjoy a sort of “home-away-from-home” approach.

Trustworthy assisted living communities in Provo typically offer complete daily meals, housekeeping, transportation to outside activities, round-the-clock security, health and fitness programs, laundry services, as well as recreational and social activities. They also employ a 24-hour staff for both scheduled and unscheduled resident-need response. Licensed care providers also help those needing assistance when it comes to eating, hygiene, dressing, and walking.

While a housing change under such circumstances may seem such a big and daunting step, acknowledging your limits will help you realize the value and benefits of assisted living.