A Healthy, Fluffy Diet: Protein for Your Kitten’s Nutritional Needs

You are most likely aware how essential proteins are for your health, but you also have to remember that your furry friend needs it, too. A balanced mixture of proteins is important, and you have the responsibility to help them get the right combination. Shop4Pets and other online pet stores say you should pick the right food to guarantee that your cat receives enough boost of protein power.

What do proteins do?

Proteins are the components of feline tissues and organs, ranging from their fur, blood and skin to tendons and cartilage. These also serve as antibodies, enzymes and hormones. Protein is vital in getting good nutrition.

How are they used?

Your kitten’s body ingests amino acids, which are the basic constituents of proteins from food, and uses them to form new proteins or other bodily processes. If there is none or not enough amino acids in your kitten’s body, it can limit synthesis. This is how crucial food is to maintain correct levels.

What is the taurine factor?

Taurine is a necessary factor of proteins in cats, and deficiency can lead to an array of severe health issues. However, retaining healthy levels can be quite difficult because cats have an inadequate capacity to produce taurine and taurine can easily get lost in digestive waste.

Your kitten’s special needs

Cats keep most of the similar nutritional requirements and features of their extended family, including tigers and lions. Thus, cats have bigger protein requirements compared to other domestic pets. Healthy levels of protein are particularly essential for nursing adult cats and growing kittens.

Ensure that your fluff ball gets enough protein to remain a healthy cat and to avoid future vet visits caused by sickness, which can get costly.