Advantages of Aluminium Windows and Doors

Worker fixing a glass doorNowadays, even the construction of houses should meticulously follow industry standards. Such is the case in installing more durable windows and doors in areas that have different kinds of weather conditions, for obvious reasons.

This is why most homeowners and residential construction companies choose to install aluminium window and door jamb frames, panels and partitions. Here are the advantages of using aluminium windows and doors:


Being exposed to different types of weather conditions, it is but natural to use stronger, better material that can withstand the test of nature. Aluminium is said to be at least three times stronger than vinyl (PVC). It is also more than 40 times stronger than wood based on the strength-to-weight ratio.

Damage Resistance

Unlike wood, aluminium does not swell when exposed to rain and flooding. In addition, rodents, termites and other pests usually cause damage to wood. Meanwhile, aluminium can become more durable and corrosion-resistant by applying electrochemical treatment called anodic oxidation.

Formability and Combustibility

One of the properties of aluminium is being malleable and formable. This allows easy customisation and adjustability to meet the exact specification for the installation. And unlike PVC and wood, aluminium is non-burnable, and if for any reason it was exposed to very high temperature, it will only turn into its molten state.

Ready to Install

Most aluminium materials are ready for installation. Thus, you will no longer need additional coating or painting once installed. On the other hand, especially for wood, you will need coating and other chemicals that will protect it from pests and termites, before applying the paint colour of your choice.


Aluminium can be recycled therefore it is considered environment-friendly. In fact, aluminium is one of the metals that can be easily recycled due to its natural properties. Another fact, aluminium is one of the highest priced scrap metals when you go to one of the nearest junkyards.

So whether you are constructing your first house or simply undergoing some renovations, it is important to consider different factors especially in choosing to use. And if you want your house to last a lifetime, choose only the right material.