Ankle Sprains: What You Need to Know

A third NBA player suffered an injury recently, following Brooklyn Nets’ Jeremy Lin and Boston Celtics’ Gordon Hayward. Cleveland Cavalier’s Derrick Rose fell awkwardly and rolled his left ankle after driving toward the hoop. Milwaukee Bucks’ Greg Monroe fouled him then, causing the wrong fall. Fortunately, news updates indicate that Rose only sustained a mild sprain.

Know How to Respond to Injury

Ankle sprains frequently happen in a game of hoops, even in street-level matches here in Torrance. When you love to play basketball, you can prepare yourself in case you or another person suffers an ankle sprain. You can then properly react, especially regarding painful and swollen ankles that need the attention of an orthopedic surgeon in Torrance, CA.

Ankle Sprains

When you roll or twist your ankle in a hoops match, the strong ligaments of your ankle stretch to the point of tearing. How much tearing the ligaments experience will dictate how severe the ankle sprain is. Minor sprains can easily recover from home remedies, yet more severe cases need the help of a doctor.

Levels of Severity

In increasing order, the severity of sprains begins with a Grade 1 Sprain, which indicates mild tearing of the ligaments. Next, you have Grade 2 Sprain that indicates partial ligament tearing. Finally, you have Grade 3 Sprain that means the complete tearing of the ligaments. The level of tenderness and swelling around your ankle also increases with each grade.

Appropriate Treatment

When you have a Grade 1 Sprain, you can still visit the orthopedic doctor. The doctor will then teach you how to treat the sprain at home using the RICE protocol. For Grade 2 and 3 sprains, however, may require nonsurgical treatment, and in rare cases, surgery.

How to Respond

Now, when you or another person sustains an ankle sprain, immobilize the affected foot, stop walking with it, and apply a cold compress. You can head to the doctor immediately for a check-up. You can receive further instructions from there.

You will quickly return to basketball after treatment just as Derrick Rose will soon return.