Another Industrial Revolution? Manufacturing Trends in 2015

Industrial RevolutionBrace yourselves for the second rise of the machines.

2015 holds countless developments highlighting the rise of human intelligence, particularly in technology and manufacturing. According to a number of experts in the industry, the US manufacturing area remains in a proper position for continued growth in the current year.

Last 2014, industrial production grew to 3.3% due to the thriving automotive sector. As 2015 dives into another quarter, experts expect to rate even higher. Manufacturers also look forward to lowering energy costs, an additional advantage to their current progress.

The year also faces another Industrial Revolution but this time minus the steam and coal-powered machines. This current revolution runs with advanced digital systems—the current onset of computerized manufacturing. The 2010s delivered numerous innovations, such as precision Swiss machining process from and other digital efforts.

Demand for automated operations

Automation will dominate the manufacturing scene of 2015. This year will see the rise of automated installations of systems that can monitor their own progresses. For more efficient services, real time processing and data sharing are programmed for automatic adjustments.

Manufacturers will spend more on updated technologies to improve the company’s operations. Rather than settle for hard labor, professionals will resort to the power of machines.

Tapping into additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing refers to the process of using 3D design data in building components in layers through material deposit. This type of manufacturing is also known as 3D Printing. Additive manufacturing builds materials through each layer, which begins from powder.

Additive manufacturing also reduces the restrictions in creating complex freeforms and geometrical projects. This technology produces essential products such as aircraft parts and implants.

A bumpy ride for reshoring

Reshoring will hit its ups and downs this 2015. According to the experts, the term is replaced with right-shoring, emphasizing the places of production. Manufacturers aim to design productions with quicker response to shifting economic trends.

Today’s manufacturing faces yet another revolution. With the rise of technology and machines upon us, there is no doubt these innovations will reach the shores of manufacturing. When they do, we face yet another industrial revolution ahead.

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