Assisted Living Facilities: All You Need to Know About Scope of Services

Elder Woman in Assisted Living FacilitySome facilities intended for long-term care for senior Americans offer support for daily activities and personal care. The services they provide cover not only medical management, but also self-care assistance, meal services, housekeeping and laundry, and transportation services. Facilities in America offering these services are classified as assisted living residences.

Related Terminology

This type of facility is sometimes called congregate care, residential care, or alternative care institutions. They go by other names, including board and care, sheltered housing, and adult group home. Senior Americans from Bountiful are fortunate that they have the option to enroll themselves in such a facility if it fits their current needs. Simplified, if you can live by yourself but require assistance with certain routine activities, this service suits you. As a long-term care option, it is one of the most popular in any state. More than six thousand of these facilities now operate in different parts of the country.

Scope of Service

A licensed assisted living facility is required by law to provide a specific set of services to older persons. Some facilities provide more, and they offer different levels of care for the elderly.

For instance, there are communities offering specialized medical care for people with dementia. Others have equipment and venues that allow residents to engage in leisure activities. Some facilities are more equipped than others to allow residents to perform tasks related to activities and hobbies they enjoy. For example, certain facilities have venues and programs for health promotion and boosting social interaction.

Before you make a decision for yourself or a loved one, ask the facility about their eligibility requirements. The main criterion is the level of care you may require.