Bathrooms Must Be Elderly-Friendly and Here’s What You Can Do

Assisting EldersWhen there is an elderly at home, you have to make sure that you implement certain precautionary measures, especially in the bathroom, where the floor can become so slippery and dangerous for seniors.

Precautionary measures must be implemented at home whenever an elderly is around. According to ROSPA, the elderly is among the groups most prone to accidents at home. This is why it is incumbent upon able-bodied adults to ensure that the house is safe and secure for older people.

Since one of the dangerous places for them is the bathroom, below are some ways you can do to make the area safe.

Keep Floors Dry

One of the most common bathroom accidents is slipping. To ensure that grandma or grandpa or even your old parents will not find themselves losing their balance in the bathroom, the floor must be dry. Check the bathroom floors before allowing an elderly to use the bathroom. The toilet must not leak so as to avoid water from accumulating on the floor. There shouldn’t also be any leakage that will seep through the bathroom floors. The plumbing system should be in perfect condition and this could be done with the help of experienced plumbing contractors.

Repair Leaks Immediately

If you notice a pipe, a faucet, or the base of the toilet with some leakage, don’t delay in getting plumbing contractors to do the repair. A small leak can result in a big one if not repaired immediately. Bigger leaks mean more water is accumulating in the bathroom. In addition, it would also require a bigger repair job, which will also cost higher. So have those leaks fixed immediately.

Provide Handrails

You can help elderly gain a sense of balance by providing handrails. According to Caring for Aging Parents, provide the elderly with bathroom grab bars. This would allow seniors to grab onto something to steady themselves as they get in and out of the tub, and even as they walk to the bathroom.

With an elderly around the house, you need to make sure that the bathroom is always dry, without any puddles of water. There should be no leaks so as to avoid being confronted daily with a puddle of water on the floor. When the bathroom is kept safe for the elderly, you can have the peace of mind every time your elderly mom or dad uses the bathroom.