Brain Training for All Ages: Try These Activities

Brain Training in SingaporeSingaporean researchers are curious about how children think. You will achieve 70% brain development at six years of age. When you turn 10, your brain is already 90% developed. You hone your language and analytic skills in your left brain, while your visual and musical talents are enhanced in the right brain.

To get a balanced brain development, you need proper brain training.

Brainpower Up

Heguru Education Centre says effective training programs can improve a child’s analytical thinking, IQ and focus. For grownups, physical workout helps exercise brain muscles. Focus on memory challenges where you will store facts, figures and illustrations in your hippocampus (memory centre) to sharpen recall. Children have better recall, so start this at an early age.

Teaching Your Right Brain

There are many right brain activities that you should perform at home or outdoors.

To improve your visualisation skills, close your eyes and picture a fantasy world. Imagine that you are actually in that moment.

Another exercise is looking at a picture with a dot in the middle. Gaze at the dot for 10 seconds, then close your eyes. You must remember the exact posted picture to pass this test.

Playing an instrument without reading the notes, writing your own lyrics and arranging the melody of an original song also train your right brain.

Improve your spatial aptitude through an outline drawing experience. Look at the borders of an item on top of a desk. Next, sketch the boundaries of the object without looking at your paper and raising your pencil. When you get the urge to pause and inspect what you are doing, that is your left brain speaking to you.

Do something different to strengthen your right brain. Change your exercise routine, sit on the other side of the dining table, switch TV channels manually instead of using the remote or buy from a different grocery store.

Training your brain is a continuous process. Do you mind keeping up with your brain training? You should.

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