How a Brilliant Visual Merchandising Strategy Can Make or Break Your Bank

effective store displayEffective store displays will significantly influence your customers’ choice to either purchase multiple items from your store or walk away with nothing. Floor displays are crucial to your selling strategy. The right shelving, tables, racks, and wall fixtures among others will highlight the features of your products.

However, crafting an entirely integrated and alluring ambience to generate customer engagement, appeal, and an increase in profit is not easy. Here are five practical tips for better visual merchandising:

  1. Know your target customer.

When you know your target customer, it will be easier to create retail displays that will appeal to them. This encompasses not only age, gender, and income, but their lifestyle and behaviour towards buying as well.

  1. Stick to a visual theme.

A visual message that is unclear or vague will not give the psychological need to buy the product. Creating and sticking to a clearly defined theme will help customers in their buying decisions. Appeal to all their senses—music, fragrance, lighting, and colour can contribute to your theme.

  1. Refresh displays frequently.

Experts recommend you refresh your displays every month. Stay updated with recent and relevant buying trends, holidays, and seasonality to assess what products to show.

  1. Optimise the display space near the door.

Begin with planning what to showcase in the display space nearest the door. This is crucial since it will be the first thing your customers will see when they enter the store. Display your most popular items, new shipments, and expensive products.

  1. Keep it clean and simple.

Sounds easy, right? But keeping your display clean and simple actually takes careful planning. Ensure all products are easily seen, displayed appealingly, and within easy reach of customers. Find a balance so as not to overcrowd items, and put up signs as well as item information.

Your store’s layout and overall appearance are as vital to your business’s success as the products you offer customers. With this in mind, your store’s display, décor, product placement, and visual merchandising strategy should all work together to provide the ultimate shopping experience to your customers.

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