Brochures: The Ultimate Test of Creativity

BrochuresBrochures are the ultimate front liners in the fight to spread the word about whatever a business is offering, and everyone is trying to make their product more creative than the competition. It’s a constant battle of wits; even the smallest detail counts towards success. Designers can’t go crazy though, they need to strike a balance between creativity and making the brochure available in as many locations as possible.

The Zen Balance of Brochures

Most people find brochures in holders just like the ones in the ADP Store catalogue. The dimensions of these holders are what the brochure needs to conform to in order to be accepted for display in most establishments.

There are two aspects of the brochure designers can have a lot of fun playing with without disturbing the dimensions it needs to conform to. These are how the brochure presents the information, and how it unfolds. These let designers stretch their creative wings with their work.

Presenting Information

The main objective of a brochure is to stuff information into bite-sized pieces so that people looking it over can get interested enough to look for more information. The best brochures are the ones that do this job while being a little bit cheeky about it. A good example is dividing the information into sections and presenting them in different coloured tabs. This makes it easier to look through the brochure, along with giving it a professional appearance.

Business Origami

Even though brochures need to conform to a certain shape while folded, nothing is stopping them from releasing their greatness when they’re open. The brochure may start by looking like just an ordinary booklet, but it can have two fold pages or even pop-ups. Let people see magic as they open brochure and they’ll surely call asking for more.

Brochure design isn’t a science, it’s an art where anything goes; just keep the goal of the medium, and the message in mind and inspiration will strike to give you the ability to make the best brochure ever.

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