Business Valuation: Making Your Investment Worth It

Business managementValuation of businesses is the process of determining the economic value of a company. You use this method to estimate the fair value of a business when selling a company or establishing partner ownership.

According to firms offering business valuation in Sydney, valuing accurately is one of the most challenging parts of buying or selling a company. If you’re a business owner, you’d want to get a good return of investment for the business you’ve worked hard for. On the other hand, buyers want to make sure that the business is truly worth it.

There are different ways to compute for the value of a business. Here are some of them:

Asset Valuation

Asset-based valuation zones in on the fair market value of the total assets of a business minus its total liabilities. In general, this approach determines the cost needed to recreate the business. When using this approach, you need to decide which liabilities and assets to include in the valuation. You also need to determine how you’ll measure the worth of your assets and liabilities. Often, this is where business owners make mistakes. Consider consulting a firm that offers business valuation services to avoid undervaluation.

Market Approach

The market approach computes for the value of closely held businesses, intangible assets and costs of a business ownership interest. Investors in the real estate industry often use this method. To determine the worth a business (or property), you need to look into the current sales of similar assets and make adjustments for differences in quality, quantity and size.

Income Approach

In this approach, you estimate the worth of a business or a real estate property based on the income it produced. To calculate for the value, take the net operating income and divide it by the capitalization rate. As the income approach does not consider factors, such as financing concessions, location and the condition of the property, many investors only use this method to get a general idea of what a property or a business might be worth.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a capitalist, knowing the fair price of a business is the first step to success. With the right valuation, you won’t have to worry about overpaying for an investment or undervaluing your business.