When Your Campaign Stagnates, Go Beyond SEO

man using a laptopThe SEO industry can take a lesson from gym goers. In a fitness regimen, it’s important to diversify the number of routines you do, because you’d hit a training plateau over time if you stick to one exercise every session, not to mention you may overdevelop a certain part and the rest would be underdeveloped.

Your SEO practices follow this principle: you can only see improvements from one specific strategy up to a certain point; after that, you’d have to do something else to make it work. This is the reason many reputable SEO reseller companies use different methods to make the campaign work. Sometimes, you have to step out of the SEO landscape to be a first-page website.

Here are a few methods you should consider.

Broaden content channels

Sure, the content on your website is important, as these paragraphs generate leads and conversions. Generate content that’s meant for other channels, such as real magazine publications and authoritative blog sites. Don’t confine your strategy to the usual content plan you have; instead, write pieces that would serve well as a repurposable piece, something you can convert into case studies, videos, and white papers.

These won’t have any immediate SEO value, but these would generate traffic if they’re compelling enough.

Maximize long-tail variations

Your optimization efforts for major keywords can only go so far. When you hit the plateau on these phrases, it’s time to expand your horizons. Focus on the long tail, as these variations have more value than the usual exact match keywords. There’s lower competition, not to mention that it mimics the actual search behavior of Internet users.

Reinforce human relationships

What you really need to engage for a site is not Google or any other search engine, but your customers. Your website is your main channel, but it should reach your audience, engage them, and compel them to get your services or products. You can do this by going offline and prioritizing the strengthening of human relationships over backlinks.

There’s a reason Google keeps changing algorithms: it’s for websites to deliver the most human-like interaction possible. With this in mind, you should employ non-SEO methods alongside your usual search engine strategies to achieve outstanding results.