Certainly, Soft Skills Can Be Taught

Public speakingEverybody knows nobody is born gifted with all the skills and talents in the world. Contrary to popular belief, however, nothing is impossible to teach. Some may learn a lot more quickly than others, but everyone can learn whatever it is they put to mind to achieving. With a proper teacher and proper training, nothing is impossible.

Soft Skills vs. Hard Skills

Technical skills are taught in school. Arithmetic, logic, and, aided with the century’s transition to digital and electronics, skills in electronic and digital developments are skills that come with a degree. Soft skills are non-measurable, causing marginalization to a certain extent, given the rise in demand of more technically skilled individuals. Still, educators are steadfast in their stance that soft skills still have a place in almost all industries.

In fact, several institutions offer well-rounded training and opportunities for individuals to hone their soft skills to help improve whichever line of craft they have chosen. LogicMills, an advocate of soft skills learning and training, believes that if one hones and places high value in their soft skills, then they are able to maximize personal capabilities and realize their full potential.

Everything Can Be Learned

Now, how does one bring about this change? An increasing number of companies today provide employees with opportunities for training and practicing their soft skills that need working on. One of the most commonly practiced is leading meetings to help employees practice public speaking. This opens up the floor for sharing of personal stories and successes, and consequently, confidence.

Bringing to the table a set of soft skills brings a community untold benefits. To illustrate, the most successful companies consist of members who have skillsets that complement one another. While hard or technical skills are useful for quantifiable outputs, behind this are soft skills that help access resources and lead the team to their goals.

Mentorship is crucial in ensuring each employee inherits the company’s positive culture of strong work ethic, teamwork and collaboration. Technical skills are learned by doing. You learn arithmetic by putting your hands up and counting one plus one as two. Soft skills are earned by living. You learn problem solving by applying this knowledge in daily life and supplying reasoning behind the numbers.

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