Closing in on Nature: Why Buying Organic Meat is Worth It

organic meatHaving problem with your weight, but can’t resist beef? Then having organic meat may be the answer to your dilemma.

Organic meats are healthy because it is not exposed to artificial elements such as hormones, growth promoters, pesticides, residues, or chemical fertilisers. The government strictly regulates this food item, as it has to meet the industry standard.

With the increasing demand for organic meat, producers have made it available in supermarkets or sites such as where you can buy meat online. Even though it costs more than conventional meat, the benefits of consuming organic makes it worth the price.

Beneficial Features

Meat becomes organic when the animal is fed with an organic diet. They should not be fed with genetically modified foods, nor should they be given antibiotics and growth hormones. This process of giving animals access to pasture is more benevolent compared to locking them up in cages and pens.

Healthy Profits

Grass-fed animals produce meat that has lower saturated fat and healthier omega-3 fats. They have higher amounts of Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is known to reduce the risk of cancer. The more organic foods an animal consumes, the lower the fat its meat contains.

Organic meat is less prone to mad cow diseases and has lower levels of IGF-1, a hormone regarded to have a link with cancer. People eating organic meat also lessen the chances of developing resistance to antibiotics.

Helping Out the Farming Industry

Buying organic meat not only benefits your health, but the livelihood of farmers as well. Even though it costs more, purchasing organic meat helps increase its demand in the market; therefore, it tilts the meat industry towards organic.

With many health risks prevalent today, more people are now shifting to a healthier lifestyle. Most diet programs suggest several combinations of food. If you want to enjoy tender juicy steaks while keeping your weight in check, organic meat could be just the key.

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