Common Furnace Malfunctions and Ways to Fix Them

Common Furnace MalfunctionsYour furnace may malfunction at the worst time. Most homeowners rarely follow the manufacturers’ guides on how to maintain the furnace, and that can lead to costly repairs. 

Here are the common malfunctions you may encounter in your furnace and the ways of fixing them:

Dirty Filters

Clogged air filters reduce air flow within the furnace system. The limit switch, which controls the fans, may be destroyed in the process. Furnace repair companies recommend replacing air filters regularly to keep the furnace in good condition.

Pilot Control Problem

A damaged ignition system makes it nearly impossible to heat a home or commercial setup. To fix this problem, work on reducing drafts. In the event that a draft causes a problem with the pilot, close the windows and doors in that room.

Check the pilot light and see if the flame produced is slightly touching the tip of the thermocouple in the furnace. If not, your thermocouple might be the problem. You may also experience pilot light problems if debris starts to accumulate on the tip of the light.

Sensor Malfunction

A thermostat has a coil that indicates the amount of heat channeled into your home. A problem with the thermostat may be frustrating since your house might be cold yet you expect things to be heating up.

Mechanical Wear and Tear

The second law of thermodynamics says that over time, things break down and wear out. A furnace eventually develops problems and requires some replacements. To extend the lifespan of your furnace, maintain it regularly.

Any furnace, whether new or old, may be hazardous if you don’t maintain them. When checking for any problems, take safety measures to avoid additional issues.