Complying with Workers’ Accommodation Requirements

mining accommodationAll employers have responsibilities and sworn obligations not only to their customers, but also their employees. Australian laws, as well as more specific state laws, provide for the standards to comply with such obligations. Employee accommodation is one of the most important provisions in such laws.

Here are the details regarding compliance with this requirement.

Identification of Workplace Hazards and Exposure

Every workplace poses threats to the well-being of every employee. No matter how safe an area of work might seem, there will always be numerous hazards lingering in the premises you should address.

It is the task of the employer to identify these hazards. An employer must strive to minimise the possibility of these hazards and threats from coming into fruition. If the employees’ travel route would prove to be another high hazard potential, a company should consider workers’ accommodation, suggests.

The Workers’ Accommodation Act of 1952

Under the law, an employer must provide safe, adequate and fully liveable workers’ accommodation. It is not enough that there are sleeping quarters; there should be adequate facilities where an employee can address his needs and administer comfort.

Adequate Workers’ Quarters

If you do not have the means to set up the quarters yourself, there are more than a number of trusted providers in the area that can do the work for you. All you need to do is to choose among their offers and to indicate the facilities that the nature of your business requires.

For instance, the accommodations required for mining operations are different from simple construction operations. Fully disclose the number of your employees, the nature of their work as well as the facilities you require.

Provide comfort and safety to your employees and you will surely see how the quality of their work will change. Reap the benefits of going the extra mile.

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