Corners: The Couple’s Escape

sitting on a sofaCouples think about many things about when they start to move in together: bills, bathroom time, and ground rules chief among them. What most of them do not even think about until much later is furniture. There are two reasons this happens: the apartment has complete furniture set, or 2) the person moving in will provide additional furniture from the old residence.

Moving In Madness

That is not a good situation at all. When fitting an apartment or house with furniture, people will only think about their needs at the time. For example, if someone lives alone without any expectation of receiving guests, they will settle for a recliner or single settee instead of a full couch.

The same logic goes for any furniture that the person moving in might bring along. In fact, foreign furniture is an even worse idea than forcing two people in a living room meant for one. There is no guarantee the new pieces will fit in with the apartment in terms of space and aesthetics.

The addition of one person can destroy the Zen a single tenant may have built, and the only way to get it back is to adapt. Everything that served the purpose of one person has to go, and make room for the needs of the new tenants.

Escape into the Corner

Noted industry veteran explains that a buying guide simplifies the things couples need to consider: space. New couples need furniture built for more than one person, but does not eat the real estate of the apartment or house.

Corner sofas are the best example of this dynamic, because these are the ultimate space savers. These conform to almost any room size, and stay out of everyone’s way. These sofas hug the walls easily, and were built to fill spaces that no other piece of furniture can.

The corner sofa gives a couple the comfort of having somewhere they can sit together, without having to lose more a few feet of space along the wall they were not going to use anyway.

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