Creating Better Email Marketing Campaigns

Some thought email marketing to be dead a couple years ago, but they were mistaken. With new tools such as marketing automation fueling the whole inbound campaign, businesses and agencies are now leading successful email campaigns.

Marketing automation also lets you manage your CRM more efficiently and it helps set landing pages that’ll also play a huge role in your email campaign.

When planning for your next email marketing campaign, suggests that you take the time to evaluate the following:

Avoiding the spam folder

Many things can keep your emails from reaching the right inbox folder. Having your IPs blocked and blacklisted due to a bad database is one of the ones marketers fear the most. To avoid this, always keep a “clean” database (no fake emails or users that never open their emails) and use a scoring system for user reputation.

Getting your emails opened

Always try using the user’s name in your greeting and put effort into your email’s subject line. It must be attractive enough so the user would want to open it. Many marketing automation software systems have A/B testing features for this purpose.

Segmentation is your best friend

Not everyone is interested in the same services or products you’re offering, so make sure you send the right ones to the right people. For example, if your business is a pet store, a user who only buys products for dogs won’t be interested in products for birds.

Many B2C and B2B companies have tried email marketing with little results but with a good strategy and attention to detail, as well as help from an experienced marketer, you can make your email marketing campaign a huge success.