DIY Pool Maintenance: Your Part In Pool Fence Upkeep

DIY Pool Maintenance in AucklandThere is more to a pool fence than just aesthetics. Aside from adding to the area’s visual appeal, it protects the pool and its users, especially if there are children around.

Similar to other installations in the house, however, pool fences require regular maintenance, in order to ensure longevity and security. If you wish to enjoy the benefits of your pool fence, for years to come, it pays to conduct regular inspection on it.

For Auckland Glass Ltd, an Auckland glass repair specialist, hiring an expert to help with this is always commendable. After all, some emergency glass situations are beyond your capabilities. But a number of glass maintenance issues can be dealt with using a touch of DIY.

Here are a few tricks to keeping your pool fence in good condition:

Say No to Tape and Adhesive

Tape and adhesive might seem like must-have materials for maintenance on your pool fence, but these are actually no-nos. Contrary to what you may think, these should be kept away from the fence.

These products can leave unsightly marks on the surfaces of pool fences, which compromise its visual appeal. Unless these adhesives are easy-to-remove and are guaranteed to not leave a mark, refrain from using them on your fences.

Go Slow, when you Mow

Mowing the lawn might seem like a harmless chore, but the lawn mower can accidentally throw dirt particles and small pebbles on the fence. While these small particles of debris will not likely break the pool fence, they may cause scratches or minor damages. In the long run, such damages could compromise the fence’s lifespan, as well as its appearance.

Avoid this by mowing your lawn with extra caution.  Better yet, protect your fence while you mow by covering exposed surfaces with a thick cloth or blanket.

Replace Bolts, Fasteners and Screws

It is ideal for homeowners to inspect the state of screws, bolts and fasteners on the fence. Loose screws and bolts should be immediately tightened or replaced to ensure stable and safe fences. For more complex cases, do not hesitate to call in an expert.