You are What You Drive: Which Type of Car Suits You?

car typeFirst-time car buyers naturally think of the car model they want as they plan their purchase. Taking your needs into account is the smarter thing to do, though. This means your concept of a dream car has to take a backseat in favour of practicality.

Even if you don’t get to purchase the car of your dreams, you can still make the most of what you have by adding accessories. More than just making your car look great, nudge bar authority, suggests upgrading it for added safety.

So what type of car is ideal for your needs? Before heading to a car lot, go over this quick overview to help you decide:


This type of car comes with two-passenger doors. It can accommodate two to four people although the rear seat area may feel a bit cramped. Coupes are appealing to young drivers due to their sporty appearance. Ideal for single people, this car is also recommended for newlywed couples.


Ranging from mid-sized to large models, a sedan generally features two rows of seats with plenty of space, unlike the coupe. The spacious interior makes it perfect for families. The Ford Focus four-door sedan is a good example of this type. Another popular model is the Toyota Camry.

Station Wagon

If you need a big cargo space, your best bet is the station wagon. Station wagons are great for those who prefer a car with sedan-like performance that comes with enhanced accommodation.

Sports Utility Vehicle

If you want superior ground clearance, a spacious cargo slot, and the performance of a four-wheel drive, then a sports utility vehicle is for you. Ownership and maintenance can cost you quite a bit, though.

Choosing your first car can be exciting yet stressful at the same time. Once you know what fits your needs, the process becomes much easier.

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