Early Education: Helping Your Child’s Literacy Development

Early EducationEarly Child Development (ECD) is beneficial not only to children, but to their family and community as well. It helps strengthen the society, as it guarantees that everybody is living up to their full potential. It helps improve school achievements, promote social and emotional function, and reduce dropout and repetition rates by turning children into productive thinkers.

Heguru Education Centre in Singapore lists the reasons early education is important among younger children:

School Achievement

Children who participate in early education programs score higher than average on intellectual aptitude tests. Their cognitive development and reasoning are more progressive than those who didn’t attend any educational session at all. This makes children in early education a step ahead among those who are in the same age or level.

Less Repetition, Fewer Dropouts

Early education programs cut the number of years a child has to repeat. It’s true that children may have problems with at least one subject, but they can compensate by having better progress at school. They have the ability to catch up than those who didn’t participate in anything at a young age.

Dropout rates are lower for children who enrolled in early education programs, as they had exposure to different fields of study at a younger age. They don’t feel overwhelmed by the lessons they need to learn in a short time frame. They’re already used to the classroom setting, so their concentration is superior.

Social and Emotional Functioning

Social skills promote positive interaction with others, including healthy communication, empathy, group participation, problem solving, and helpfulness. Children exposed to education as early as possible develop the skills to talk with peers and adults, even if they’re not good at forming their own words yet. They grow up not being shy about approaching another person or talking to a big crowd.

Even though there’s an average age when children can enrol in school, it doesn’t mean that they can’t start learning before attending one. Early education centres help children prepare for school, so they can keep up with its demands without difficulty.

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