Expat in the City: Is the Makati Life for You?

Makati City is many things. For some, it is just another busy metropolis that never sleeps. True enough, the hundreds of enterprises in the area certainly render the city sleepless; but that’s part of being the Wall Street of the Philippines. For others, however, Makati City is a true haven for their lifestyle.

house for rent

Expats, for one, often look for houses for rent in Makati City to live here. Certain types of emigrants enjoy the lifestyle. There are certain expat categories that might just see Makati as the perfect place to live in, according to data from the Sovereign Man, Keystone Property, and Entrepreneur.com.

The Hedonist

Entertainment is simply limitless in Makati City. With the many malls in the area, as well as the thriving nightlife, it’s definitely easy to get out of your house, drive to the nearest pub you like, and have a great time with your family or loved one.

Being situated in the Philippines, Makati City is definitely the paradise that perfectly fuses the tropical environment and the urban lifestyle you might be looking for.

The Jetsetter

Travellers have a place in Makati. What sets this city apart from other Philippine cities is its closeness to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and local highways that connect to different destinations in the country.

Jetsetters would have it easy here, as booking a flight is easy and the drive from home wouldn’t be that long. Of course, this goes on top of the many travel-worthy destinations in the Philippines.

The Entrepreneur

There is a reason Makati City is the financial capital of the Philippines. With the way business is done in the area, it is no wonder a lot of multinationals and foreign investors create their offices here. Filipino employees are diligent and proficient in speaking in English, which makes it easier to establish a well-known enterprise in the country.

Add to this the fact that the Philippines has continued to do well in the economy over the past few years, and you have an ideal investment location already.

Foreigners would find Makati City as a true haven outside their home countries. Live, enjoy, and invest in this city for your future.