FIFA Refuses Fo Change World Cup Kickoff Times

Image from Klaus with K | Wikimedia
Image from Klaus with K | Wikimedia

Even after a federation of players in Brazil threatened with legal actions against FIFA, football’s international governing body still refused to change the World Cup’s kickoff times.

 Cooling Breaks

The union urged FIFA to move the kickoff time of 24 matches from 1pm to a later time. They also asked FIFA to introduce two-minute water breaks in each half during the football matches.

FIFA, however, refused to change their initial decision, citing almost two years worth of study. In a statement, the governing body said, “FIFA’s medical team is always monitoring carefully all venues during any FIFA competition to protect the players’ health.”

“Cooling breaks will be considered on a match-by-match basis for the 64 matches. Official and mandatory cooling breaks will not be pre-established. Rather, climate conditions will be evaluated prior to each match by the FIFA venue medical officer.”

 Changes Already Made

 FIFA said it already made the necessary changes regarding match schedules. They had taken into account the possibility of soaring temperatures in some cities in Brazil.

“One core aspect in defining the kick-off times was the very thorough analysis of the historical climate data in all venues.”