First Things First: A Weekend Getaway Checklist

to do listPlanning a getaway with your friends does not stop throughout the year. Whether summer or winter, you can pull off the ultimate vacation with your friends across Australia. Go skiing, enjoy water sports activities and indulge in fine dining for a memorable trip.

Over the weekend, you can off a few days spending quality time with your friends, and take some time from work. To have a trouble-free getaway with your friends, here are three things that you should include in your checklist:

1. Villas or apartments

Industry veteran St. Luke’s Private Villas explains that the first thing to do before hitting the road is to arrange for an accommodation beforehand. This can give you a trouble-free getaway without delays and frustrations. Before a day of adventure, it is important to catch some sleep and recover energy from your long road trip. You would be needing lots of energy and strength for the coming days. While sitting on a couch, relax your eyes with the breathtaking view of snow-covered mountain peaks or reflective lakes.

2. Adrenaline-rush activities

Research thoroughly; browse the Web for amusement parks that you can visit. For instance, you can stop over to an amusement paradise featuring the popular Free Fall Tower, one of the tallest towers to date. Enjoy the floating sensation while going up and coming down the 150-foot tower.

Another option is the Himalayan Water Ride, one of the largest water rides. Covering a distance of 550 meters, the water pool invites you to dance with the waves and the slides as you ride the twisters. This thrilling activity is fit for youngsters and the young at heart.

3. Good food

Last but not the least, look for good food to fill your cravings for an authentic Queensland experience. You don’t want your stomach grumbling during your most-anticipated trip, would you? Try out Queensland’s top food experiences, and let your taste buds rejoice in flavours.

With an urbanised coastline, Australia offers an excellent ground for road trips, getaways and thrilling activities. Strengthen your friendship, and discover a different side of your friends by travelling around a number of cities. Breathing some fresh air, you can resume your toxic work days with a refreshed mind and body.

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