Five Ways to Make Your Site More Crawlable

internet searchEvery good SEO company in Detroit and any other place knows that the website is a highly important aspect of your digital marketing endeavors. Apart from providing your customers the right user experience on the website, you should also consider how Google’s crawlers read and index your site. It is easier to perform SEO when the search engine robots can understand what’s on your site.

Here are some ways for you to make your portal crawlable.

Make CSS codes engine-friendly

Chances are you have some navigation elements on the site. When you have these, it’s important that the Cascading Style Sheets or CSS have a uniform design and linking pattern, for improved control of the display of pages and format of links, making the website more crawlable. Remember that CSS is more universally searchable than Ajax, JavaScript, or Flash.

Add text links

Create breadcrumb navigation, or alternative paths for users in the footer. This is an opportunity to pave the way for more spidering options and boost crawlability by providing linking opportunities to non-content elements of the page. Some of the things you might want to add are a sidebar with clickable links to the site’s main category and subcategory pages, and a footer containing important page links.

Create a sitemap

Search engines will have an easier time crawling the site if you have a sitemap with the complete list of URLs you want them to see. This is a form of assistance to the spiders in giving them directions around your site.

Include specialized text link pages to the HTML sitemap

Text link pages can have as many as 100 links to your site. You can easily create more sitemap pages to provide interior links and help spiders navigate the site, as long as you keep the links below 100.

Optimize rich media

Rich media isn’t the most engine-friendly element of a website, but there are ways to make it bearable for the spiders. You can reduce the quality of images a bit to make it load more quickly, and rename the files from seemingly randomized numbers (e.g. as78213d1.jpg) to more logical ones (SEO-analytics-graph.jpg).

For a website to be effective, it has to be understandable to the readers and crawlable to search spiders. Improve your site’s crawlability using these five ways.