For Your Teens: Teaching Them the Value of Independence

Parents want their teens to be independent. This not just because to lighten their parenting load, but also for their kids to move on their own in case they are not around to look over them. It is important that you teach teens the value of independence as early as possible.

Having imbibed such value, your teens will develop critical thinking skills, which are important once they step into college preparatory high school here in Salt Lake City or start facing the real world.

Below are some pointers that will help you teach your teens how to become an independent person.

Notice Their Initiatives

You may notice, now and then, that your kids will do the errands without you telling them. There will be times when they will volunteer to do some things for you. These gestures may appear small, but these are hallmarks of your teens’ early independence.

Notice these things and praise them about their initiatives.

Let Them Decide

You can help your teens improve their independence by letting them decide on some matters. For one, take them with you to the grocery. When you buy two similar items from different brands, let them decide which will go into the shopping cart.

Letting them decide on things will develop their critical thinking skills and help them gauge the consequences of their action.


Questions lead to answer; similarly, questions lead to independence. Ask your kids questions that do not necessarily have a Yes or No answer. Doing so will help them develop their own stand and opinion.

You might even encourage a healthy debate because this will hone their reasoning and argumentation skills, things that they will surely need when they grow up.

Teaching your teens’ independence can be difficult. To make things much easier and see results, you may collaborate with your kids and plot goals.