How to Get Your Dose of Art, Culture and History in The Rocks

the rocksVisiting Sydney in the near future, and looking forward to sights and experiences to soothe your refined tastes? Have no fear, The Rocks has more than enough culture to satisfy even the most demanding of visitors. As you walk around this diverse and beautiful place, make room in your schedule for these activities.

1. Stay somewhere historic – You might be surprised to find out that you can start experiencing the rich history of the area from the moment you check-in to a local bed & breakfast. Some quaint accommodations in The Rocks have pasts dating back for over a century, and the owners take great pains to preserve this heritage. Who would pass up the opportunity to sleep in what is practically a historical site?

2. Visit the Aboriginal Art Galleries – Want to see authentic Aboriginal arts and crafts? Better yet, go ahead and buy them; you can do just that by visiting one of the two Aboriginal Art Galleries in Sydney. Start or expand your collection of these breathtakingly beautiful creations, and be sure to have a chat with the always friendly staff.

3. Watch something from the Bangarra Dance Theatre – A contemporary dance company dating back to 1989, the productions from these talented performers will almost certainly blow you away. If you will be in Sydney on the 30th of November, look forward to a free performance on the Forecourt of the Sydney Opera House to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

4. Listen to Choir Rocks – If you go to The Rocks Discovery Museum on a Monday evening, you will likely hear the famous Choir Rocks practice a wide variety of songs. They perform in many popular events, but you can enjoy listening to them while catching up on The Rocks’ history by visiting the museum, completely for free.

5. Go on a Poihākena Tour – For those that want to learn more about how the Māori people lived in The Rocks through the centuries, going on this 2-hour tour will be an incredible experience. Listen to stories, see ancient objects, and visit historically significant sites.

The Rocks is one of the most unique places in Australia, and your visit here is not something you will forget any time soon.

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