Getting Sober from Heroin: Where to Start

HeroinA study shows that women progress from substance use to dependence faster than men do. Furthermore, it says that women suffer more severe physical and emotional consequences of drug use compared to their male counterparts.

Heroin Doesn’t Save

Substance abuse, heroin in particular, among women is a problem that lies beneath layers of blankets of issues. Women face a gamut of issues, such as body image, discrimination in the corporate world and relationship and, for many, heroin is an easy way out of these problems.

But what if she wakes up and finds out that it is no longer saving her from all the miseries she is into? What if she decides she needs to get off from the addiction and pick up from where she left her life?

When different drugs were compared based on how hard it is to get off them, heroin ranked first with a dependence rating of 2.89 out of 3. It is an opiate you can’t go cold turkey on once you are hooked on it, they say. Taking it the first time is training your brain to crave for it.

Path to Recovery

Recovery starts when you recognize your problem and decide to do something to get off it. That is the easiest part if you look at the whole treatment process.

As studies prove that women tend to suffer more severely from the substance, the need for specialization on gender specific treatments are necessary to make the treatment faster or better.

Although therapy programs may contain universal procedures, certain procedures have to be modified for female patients. There are rehabilitation centers exclusively for women with substance abuse, like

Recovery from heroin can be fatal without medical and psychological support. What stops people from total rehabilitation lies in the period where withdrawal gets the best of one’s body. The process is too painful to undergo and going solo through it can be fatal. It is best to get help if you commit to stop the dependency.

Every minute, a woman has to decide among several paths. If you choose to live a better life and a brighter future, make the move now and choose recovery.

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