Giving a Second Look: 6 Things-to-Do When Shopping for Pre-owned Items

With the economic situation the US is in right now, more people are leaning towards buying second hand items instead of purchasing brand-new stuff. Most resale stores reported that there was an increase in their sales, averaging at about 35%.

Some of the most common things available in a thrift shop are bags, shoes, pieces of furniture, and clothes. Here is a list of the things-to-do when you want to buy second hand clothing or other items:

ZipperLimit your budget

For first-timers, this can be a bit tough as you have no idea how much these items actually cost. As these usually have a much lower price, buyers tend to spend too much. A good rule would be if you think you are not going to use it, don’t buy it.

Check first before buying

Some pieces of furniture sold in thrift shops are old-aged. See it to that it is still functional or usable. That means try to sit in the rocking chair you saw first, and see if it really rocks. Before you buy clothes, make sure that it has no holes and stains.

Expect brand new items

Most people have a notion that all things in thrift stores are used. There are also brand-new ones available, as some department stores tend to bring their unsold items to these places.

Don’t go alone

It is best to bring someone with you for a second opinion. You may overlook some things and your friend may have an eye on what looks good on you.

Watch out for sales

Thrift stores usually give promos and large discounts on certain items to make space for other things. Be sure your local store notifies you about these specials.

Take your time and have fun

Unlike normal stores, items in resale shops are not organized. Be keen in searching for the things you need. Shopping is way more fun if you spend less.

Purchasing surplus is not as bad as people think it is. Usually, it just depends on the items. A survey even disclosed that 70% of adults said buying second hand items is more socially acceptable today than 10 years ago. Buying pre-owned items is one of the best ways to cut expenses while still being resourceful and creative.

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