Healthy Servings: A Bistro’s Guide to Safe Grocery Shopping

Safe and Healthy FoodSafety is everything for restaurants, especially for small diners. People frequent bistros since they love the menu. It gives out that cosy vibe where your loyal customers can hang out, dine and feel comfortable. Ensure that the food you serve is not only good but safe to eat, too.

You have passed all the health and safety inspections in your restaurant. You even got food safety handling credentials from My Food Safety so you can supervise your staff properly. But, did you know that you still have to take precautions even when grocery shopping?

Carefully Choose Food

Because of its food safety standards, Australia produces some of the safest and healthiest food globally. However, poor storage and packaging can affect the quality and safety of some food.

Never buy cans or containers that are dented, swollen or leaking. Never purchase products that are mouldy or spoiled and have damaged or imperfect packaging. Never risk buying dirty or cracked eggs and frozen foods that aren’t stored in the fridge. Never purchase anything that gives you doubts about the quality.

Check Packaging Dates

When it comes to buying perishable foods, especially frozen or chilled items, always check the date. The ‘use-by’ date displays when the product should be consumed. The ‘best before’ date shows until when the food remains at its best quality.

Plan Shopping Trips

Prevent chicken, fish or meat juices from leaking onto other products. Check that the grocery staff uses separate utensils when handling different food types. Always pick up frozen foods at the end of the shopping trip to ensure that they stay fresh.

Transporting Food

Safety measures don’t stop at the end of grocery shopping. Get those frozen foods transferred as quickly as possible. If it’ll take your staff more than 30 minutes to get back to your bistro, provide a cooler or insulated bag to keep the food cold.

Remember that your meals can make or break your business. People might come in for the vibe, but they will keep coming back for the appetising food.