Hot Under the Collar? Take these AC Maintenance Tips

AC MaintenanceThere is never a good time for the air-conditioning unit to break down. However, when it happens during the warmer months, it can cause emotions to flare and make the home environment unpleasant. This is also a good sign you need to call a plumbing service provider in Indiana to fix your AC.

Air conditioning units often get bad press, at times for no good reason. In fact, AC units use less energy than other cooling systems around. However, costly repairs happen when you do not properly maintain your AC.

Here are some maintenance suggestions to keep your cooling device working properly.

Regularly Check the Thermostat

Always check the settings of your thermostat. Most AC units run smoothly if you input the right settings. Aside from a comfortable cooling experience, it also saves you money to monitor thermostat levels.

Examine Condenser and Evaporator

An unclean evaporator and condenser coil can damage your AC and impair its ability to cool your home. Make sure you clean them regularly.

Lubrication Is Key

When you open your AC unit, you will see many moving parts that need lubrication. Always make sure you apply lube oil on them for them to work in tiptop condition.

Clean Blower

The fan of your AC is responsible for the airflow in and outside the unit. It needs regular cleaning for it to function without any problem.

Check Wirings and Electrical Connections

Test the current and voltage of the motor in your AC unit. If you do not know how, you can always enlist the services of a professional. Faulty electrical wiring is sometimes the cause of the breakdown of an AC unit, not to mention a potential fire hazard.

In addition, you might want to check the refrigerant levels of your AC. It may be the cause it is not cooling your room anymore.

Follow these suggestions and you will have a stress-free AC experience, particularly when the warm months come.