How to Effectively Manage Diabetes

Diabetes has been one of the most common diseases worldwide for several years now. Some statistics even show that the illness and its complications have caused more than 1.6 million fatalities around the world.

Receiving a diagnosis of diabetes may be bad news, but understanding the disease is vital for every patient. Remember that in this illness, your cells do not get enough glucose supply despite increases in blood sugar. That is due to the body’s lack of, or unresponsiveness to, insulin.

In Provo, diabetes management is possible with discipline and a few lifestyle modifications. Below are some tips you can apply.


Eating healthy food is a foundation of healthy lifestyle whether you have diabetes or not. But for those with diabetes, it is essential to know how the foods you eat can affect your blood sugar levels. You have to be careful of not only the kind of food you take but also the amount of food you consume. For example, avoiding sweets is good, but if you take in too many carbohydrates in the form of bread or rice, that can still cause problems.


Another vital part of an effective diabetes management plan is the physical activity you do every day. During exercise, your muscles will require and consume more glucose, effectively decreasing blood sugar levels. Walking or hiking, for example, can allow your muscles to utilize more glucose.


Your doctor may prescribe different medications depending on the status of your glucose control as well as your response to the various drug classes. Following up with your endocrinologist is vital because he will monitor your glucose control and make sure that your medications remain at the right dose. Some doctors may even advise you to stop taking medications if your lifestyle modifications are sufficient to maintain good glucose control.

The complications of diabetes may remain silent until they’ve already done a lot of damage. Keep in touch with your doctor to make sure these complications don’t take over.