How to Make Your Wedding Guests Happy

A couple stands front and centre in their wedding, but the guests are important as well. A wedding is successful if the guests are enjoying themselves. To provide convenience, comfort, and enjoyment to your guests, you can follow the wedding suggestions below.

Provide Transportation

Are your wedding ceremony and reception in separate locations in Sydney? You can make it easier for your guests if you arrange for transportation. A charter bus in Sydney can already accommodate multiple people, allowing you to save more money. A bus hire will likewise come in handy if you offer alcoholic cocktails at your ceremony. You can keep your guests safe from the fatal mix of drinking and driving.

Offer Free Drinks

Speaking of cocktails, you may be tempted to use a cash bar instead of a free-flowing one to reduce costs. Guests might be unhappy with such a choice, however, and it will be better to provide free drinks. If you are concerned with the budget, a bar with wine and beer will be enough. In fact, you can remove the bar yet still offer drinks.

Distribute Welcome Bags

You can likewise offer free goodies in welcome bags if you will accommodate your guests in a hotel. The welcome bags will be more appreciated when you include welcome notes, snacks and drinking water. You can even include the charter bus information and other important details about the wedding.

Enjoy Your Wedding

By simply being happy throughout your wedding ceremony and reception, your guests will be glad as well. Enjoy the moment and find a way to have a wonderful time with your guests.

With these suggestions, you can make your guests satisfied with everything. Your wedding will be the subject of their conversations for years.