How Web Design can Build or Destroy Your Business

Web DesignResults from a survey revealed how web design affects your ROI. As such, it is no longer enough to have an online presence to make your brand stand out from the competition. You need to have a compelling digital presence that would leave not just a great first impression to your potential customers, but would also keep them wanting more.

People would search for you online

According to the research, 87% of the respondents said they visit the web for a new business, product or service. In this highly-digitalised age, people have the Internet to check out a business and everything about it – its products and services, how satisfied customers are, how credible it is in delivering its promises, and so on. A weak online presence would mean a weak business, and people would never patronise a weak business.

People would judge you online

The research further outlines the proofs why a bad web design and online presence can be very futile for your business. All the respondents say they leave business websites because it was either difficult to use or it was poorly designed.

Of all the respondents, 96% of them believe a poor web design means poor business, while 89% of them believe an out-of-date website makes a business less credible. Typos and wrong links could also be detrimental for your site, as 91% of the respondents left a website just because of such careless errors.

People would act on your business based on your online presence

To target a local audience with good website design – Perth, for example – minding how your site looks and loads is all what it takes to convert a visit into revenue. The research suggests 80% of the respondents have availed a product or service from another business with a more impressive and functional website.

This only means that a good, attractive website is paramount in making those visits mean money. After all, if you make your online presence less of your priority, you are making your sales less of your priority, too.

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