HubSpot Research: 54% of Consumers Prefer Watching Videos Than Reading Newsletters

Video has started to play a more important role in marketing campaign efforts. The use of videos in campaigns is becoming a trend for effective marketing strategies because a survey shows that 54 per cent of consumers would rather watch videos than read newsletters.

In the UK, advertisers spent about £699 million on video ads in the first half of 2017. Video is the fastest-growing ad format with 35 per cent of spends going to display advertising.

The Role of Video Marketing in Your Business

According to HubSpot, video production is more accessible to marketing teams. Unlike before, production equipment is less expensive now, and you can even shoot a good video using smartphones with high-quality cameras.

YouTube is one of the popular platforms where you can upload your video campaigns. Since you are doing this to promote your business,, a service production company that works with brands like Puma and BMW, share that video is a valuable asset in marketing and that it is essential to get it right.

Videos are also helpful to grab the consumer’s attention. In marketing, one of the goals should attract more potential consumers. If your viewers liked what they see, they tend to share on different platforms, which can increase brand awareness. Videos can also improve engagements between you and your customers.

The Videos to Create

In making videos for your marketing campaigns, it is necessary to plan them carefully. You should understand what it will appeal the most to your target audience and how you are going to convey your message.

HubSpot suggests making demo videos that highlight your products. One of the popular trends online is unboxing and putting physical products to the test. You can make educational or ‘how-to’ videos, too. Case study videos are also helpful to tell your customers how your products and services can help solve their problems. You can feature previous clients who were happy with your services. All you need is a bit of creativity.

Like other marketing formats, strategic planning is important. Consulting and working with a professional video production will be an advantage for your video marketing campaign.