I am Iron Man: A Designer’s Guide to the Jewellery Industry

Jewellery Industry in BirminghamThe life of Iron Man does not differ much from yours if you are a jewellery designer. Why, you may ask? Well, you both tinker with metals and come up with different designs and functions for them.

While the fictional Tony Stark uses metal to create suits of armour and unimaginably advanced technology, you use metal for the daintier side of things. His alter ego Iron Man has the omnipresent J.A.R.V.I.S. at his beck and call, while you get in touch with UK jewellery manufacturers like JewelCast Ltd to bring your designs to life.

Here is some advice to be the Iron Man of the jewellery industry:

Be creative in everything, not just your designs.

If you are a follower of Marvel’s Iron Man franchise, you are no stranger to Tony Stark’s sarcastic wit and slightly offensive yet quite endearing repartee. While most people would assume that it’s just the way he talks, you have to understand that his comebacks and remarks are a way of keeping his brain turning and those creative juices flowing.

As a jewellery designer, you are basically synonymous with the word ‘creativity’. What better way to keep the ball rolling than to incorporate creativity into your everyday life? From your wardrobe to your conversations, keep it fresh and fascinating.

Always keep a recording device on hand.

Since you are in the jewellery industry, recording devices obviously do not entail a microphone and speakers. They involve software, gadgets and even the good old paper and pen for sketches of a lovely ring idea that should be your next project.

You never know when a brilliant idea for your next design will strike and it could easily disappear in a fleeting moment, so be ready to have anything to jot it down immediately. This is admittedly a far cry from J.A.R.V.I.S. who Tony Stark just has to inform about his next innovation while fighting in his Iron Man suit, but it will have to do.

What else do you reckon the Marvel hero and jewellery designers such as yourself have in common?