Improve Your Bathroom Looks

bathroom showerIt’s not a secret that whenever a prospective buyer looks at a house there are certain rooms they check first. Bedrooms are important because of their intimacy; buyers will want to see privacy, comfort and security. Bathrooms are among the biggest draw to a house because most of the nasty things happen in there, buyers want to be sure that it’s clean and has enough space.

People don’t look for much in a bathroom, since the regular functions don’t really vary from bathroom to bathroom; the only way for it to stand out is through style and aesthetics. People don’t brag about the power of the flush, they’d much rather draw the eye to the intricate tile work or the elegant shower screens.

The matter of shower screens is a more interesting subject, astile work depends on the homeowner’s taste. There’s an interesting situation between shower screens and aesthetic style because screens have a clear function in the bathroom and that’s keeping water away from things that don’t need to get wet. Upholding that function can be difficult for some shower screen types, because there are many ways it can ruin an otherwise beautiful bathroom.

In Perth glass shower screens are immensely popular; it’s one of the few options that are proven to work in multiple settings. Glass shower screens make the room look larger and less restricted, as well as melding with virtually any other fixture in the room. Unlike curtains, which not only blocks off a significant portion of the room, it has a bulky look that doesn’t work in most bathrooms.

Some people don’t like the idea of attractive bathrooms, and prefer the ‘privacy’ bestowed by less aesthetic designs. If homeowners really didn’t want their bathrooms to be attractive they could just let mould grow on the tiles, or not bother flushing.

People – whether they admit or not – will spend extended periods in the bathroom doing their business. Is it any less ‘private’ for them to want to make sure that they enjoy the time they spend there, even if it’s limited to visual appeasement?

The state of a bathroom can decide the opinion a buyer has on a particular house, and if people want to get more value, investing in that room is a good idea.