Introducing the Daycare Environment to Your Child

Unlike infants that can adapt to good childcare immediately, babies older than seven months old may not like it when left under the care of strangers. They will need some time to get used to their new routine or surroundings. In addition, they will need your support in getting to know their new caregiver. You have to make them realize that you will pick them up at the end of the day.

Smart Kids Development Center shares some tips on how you can help your child adjust to being left in a daycare facility.

Have a Temporary Caregiver Visit Your Home

To help your kids get used to other people taking care of them, ask a caregiver to visit your home. Allow the caregiver to interact with your child while you are there. Be sure not to leave your child alone with the caregiver until he is already comfortable with the new person.

Visit the Daycare Center

Take your child to the daycare center before the first day of his stay. This will help the child familiarize with the new environment. This will also give you a reference point whenever you need to mention where he will be staying while you are away or working. Also, show the kid that you trust and like the caregiver.

Determine the Best Time to Begin the Program

Ask the daycare center staff or caregiver when it would be ideal for kids to start with the program. It could be a specific day of the month or a specific month of the year.

Allow the Child to Bring Something from Home

Let your child bring something he likes from home. This can be his favorite toy or the blanket he uses in his room. This way, he will not miss home so much.

Talk to Your Kid about the Caregiver and Daycare

Explain to your child why you need to leave him under the care of his caregiver. Assure him that you will be there to pick him up after you get off from work.

It can be difficult for children to accept, adapt with, and get used to the changes in their lives. Follow these tips to help your child adjust to the daycare environment in the shortest time possible.